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Regatta Lepa Semporna 2017

The Colorful 24th Regatta Lepa Semporna 2017 will be held in Semporna from 21 – 23 April this year. This Annual Malaysia  Water Festival  event will be officiated by Sabah Chief Minister YAB Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Hj Aman on 22nd April (Saturday).

LEPA: In Sabah East Coastline  Bajau community dialect, lepa means “boat”. The lepa boat is an ethnic legacy inherited by Bajau people from many years ago. The existence of lepa is believed to originate from the  fishing  community who stay in Bottom Island and employed by the Pa’alau people along the coast of Semporna.

Regatta Lepa Sea Festival 2017
The Lepa Sambulayang

From an event observed only by the sea gypsies of Sabah, the Regatta Lepa Semporna is now the state festival; an important agenda in the nationwide tourism calendar.

Regatta Lepa Boats
Colorful Boats

The Regatta Lepa in Semporna is one of the most colourful cultural events. In this festival, Bajau people will decorate their boats with colourful flags.

The 3 days event will be fill with cultural dances, singing and other sports activities.

Traditional Dance
Daling-Daling Dance
The Bajau Maiden
Beautiful Bajau’s Maiden
Colorful Costume
Traditional Costumes

If you’re interested to go there to witness these amazing sea festival you can follow this guide on  How To Get There article.

For the time being, lets watch past Regatta Lepa event from these youtube. Even if you can’t attend this year (so do I), at least you get a glimpse of this vibrant festival. Maybe, we can list it as one of our must attend/visit event?

Regatta Lepa 2014

Regatta Lepa Official Song


Malahat ta malahat Sampulna

Hinang tahunan ba aheya

Panimpunan banan lepa

Aheka rusab ginisan lepa

Bulih pinasil maka biasa

Sappit itu sab ba aheya

Aheka va tarua’na

C/O: TIPAS-TIPAS panon panji aheya


Saluvang sangkil ninna’ mapangah

Iyana pakakas lepa

Suli ta sab ba nionan lepa

Iti bayanan saga mattoa

Suvaiva ni kallogan heh ta


The Daling-Daling Igal Dance ~ Bajau Semporna’s Traditional(folklore) Dance.

Some useful phrases for fun:

Mag labi-labi lasah ku.

Tob tob maka’a entomku ~ Missed you so much.

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