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When you’re young and your skin still has the promise of youth, you can pretty much get away with using whatever makeup is your favorite. You can’t afford to be quite so carefree in your choice of makeup as you grow older, though.

That’s because what you have going on with your skin that makes it look so firm and radiant when you’re younger is lost little by little as you grow older. By the time you’re in your late twenties, your skin has already undergone changes that will determine the condition of your face as you age.

If you don’t use makeup products that are anti-aging, you’ll end up with noticeable dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. The best time for you to start and anti-aging routine is while you’re young.

If you’ve already reached the point where your skin is showing signs of aging, that doesn’t mean that all is lost. You can turn back the clock with anti-aging makeup products like an anti-aging foundation.

One of such foundation that I can recommend is the Anti-Aging Foundation SPF 15 # 100 by La Prairie for Women is a good choice to make if you’re looking for a foundation that can help your skin hold on to vitality.

This product comes in the 1 ounce size and can be used on a daily basis. The foundation does contain SPF 15, which helps protect your skin against sun damage.

You might also want to try La Prairie Anti Aging Foundation SPF 15 Shade 200. This is a different shade from the 100. Like the 100, it also contains SPF and is gentle enough to be used every day.

This anti-aging product is not only great at giving your face an even coverage, but it also lets your natural beauty shine through. You end up with skin that looks even and vibrant.

Though the foundation does protect your skin, wearing it feels light, not heavy. Itís also in the 1 ounce bottle, but because the foundation offers such great coverage, a little goes a long way and it actually lasts longer than larger bottles of other foundation.

There are some people who prefer to use foundation that is in a different format. You can do that and still get all the benefits of anti-aging power. All you need to do is to look for ones that have a powder finish like La Prairie Cellular Treatment Foundation Powder Finish.

This one comes in an ivory color, so itís good for covering up age related issues. Itís a mix of cream and powder in a compact form. It offers coverage as a foundation alone or you can use it in combination with a different foundation.

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