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Bandung Attractions and Must Do For Beginners And Returning Guests.

Bandung attractions are varied and caters all need. Be it shopping for cheaper alternative, yummy food for food hunter or relaxing experiences.

Bandung is the 3rd largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta and Surabaya and the Capital of West Java Province. In colonial time, the Dutch nicknamed Bandung as Parijs van Java (Paris of Java)  for its resemblance to Paris and European atmosphere back then. And it is locally called as Kota Kembang, literally meaning the Flowery City because Bandung had a lot of flowers in the colonial era and republic era up to the early 1960s. What I loved most about Bandung is, for the last 14 years since I first visited the city, the ambience never changed. And the kindness of its people were amongst the best ~ polite, kind and friendly.

How To Get To Bandung?

Depend on which part/country you fly in. But the easiest ways are by flying, train, buses or driving. For more details, you can check Indonesia Tripcanvas website here.

Beacuse I’m heading to Bandung from Jakarta, I choose private transfer by travel agent in Bandung for easier and smoother transfer because its 4 of us and and aging mum.

  • For train ticket check it here

Tips : If you are staying somewhere near Gambir station, then train is the best option to go to Bandung. The scenery is way better then going by bus and you can be sure that you will arrive on time, no traffic unlike bus. If you are not somewhere near gambir, then you can opt public van that seat around 10 passengers called Cipaganti or Xtrans, they are basically everywhere in Jakarta.

Where To Stay?

Depend on your interest. If you love shopping ~ I would suggest you to choose your accommodation around Setiabudi Street, Dago Street, Sukajadi Street and Riau Street. Example : If you want to shop till die at the fame Rumah Mode, the most strategic hotel is Asmilla Hotel which is located just across the road from Rumah Mode, and 5 minutes walks to Restaurant Sederhana.

Where Do I Stayed?

After screening, I choosed de Java Hotel because of its close proximity with Paris Van Jaya. Bit far from most of the Factory Outlets (Riau) but no worried about it because I  booked transportation services for 2 days (RP400K/day  all included).


Bandung Attractions
Ascot Jakarta ~ Waiting For Pak Jaja Our Driver


Bandung Attractions
I Missed Selife HaHaHa

Our room in Bandung. Not as grand as Ascot but very spacious and clean.

Worth the money

Wanna swim after long shopping spree? Go to the rooftop pool


Our First Foods at Restaurant Sederhana Makanan Padang

Bandung Attraction 1 : Foods

Bandung Attractions
Masakan Padang ~ Restaurant Sederhana

After check-in, Pak Jaja took us to MCollections Kain Sulam Bandung

High quality cotton material with some discount.. just haggle!

They Provided One Day Tailoring Service

I bought four for myself ~ lets wait for the final touches of their sewing skills

Bandung Attraction 2 : Shopping

Bandung Attractions

Rumah Mode

Bandung Attractions

Angkutan Kota

While waiting for the tailor to measure me, the HUNGER STRIKE!


… Okay. Will continue later. Needs to get ready. Today we will explore Lembang District for food hunting and Tangkuban Perahu.

Facts And Pictures Update

  • Ticket to enter Tangkubahan Perahu on weekdays for tourist – RP200K – RP250K. Weekend RP300,ooo!
  • Entrance Ticket To Floating Market is RP20K/pax but can exchange with drinks. Another entrance fees for some of the attraction inside is between RP10-RP25K
  • My personal opinion ~ Tangkubahan Perahu view or magic not as good as before the eruption in 2013. It was much better when I first visit in 2003.


After visiting Tangkubahan Perahu er proceed to Floating Village and Taman Mini Bandung. Next destination is Dusun Bambu ~ Restaurant and Recreation

Lunching Here

I choose the Burangrang Hut to eat.

Bandung Attraction

Bandung Attraction
Feel Like Home

Bandung Attraction
Super Tired… Lie Down For Awhile
Bandung Attraction

Bandung Attractions
Burangrang Hut

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