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Spring 2016 Europe Getaway Series.
Wednesday, 27 April.
My flight to Geneva by Swiss Air is later in the evening – 19:30 but checkout time is 12:00. So by 11am I already packed my bags, ready to say goodbye to my cute room. Checkout done. Leave my bags at the counter to be pick up later when I’m ready to go to the airport.
To kill time, once again I walks around at Cours Saleya, to buy some last minute souvenirs.
My last selfies … lol…
Strong wind
At the airport waiting for my gate allocation
Hotel Montbrillint Geneva
 Next To Geneve Main Train Station
 Mini Market nearby the hotel
Looking for the Eat All You Can Seafood Restaurant but it’s about to close when I reach. So I end up buying fruits and some biscuits for my dinner.
* Everything’s expensive in Geneve. It’s not a tourist friendly city in terms of prices for foods, accommodation and for shopping purposes.

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