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Florence Day 1

26th May 2013.

Struggle to  awake early in the morning. The weather was cold and tempts us to snuggle under the blanket. We slept quite late the night before, very tired and  watched the European Cup Final on TV. Thank God my team won.
Hmmmm…everybody was lazy to make the first move to check our breakfast at the kitchen, just outside our door. But wake up we must , because at 10am we have to be at meeting point for “skip the queue” entering Michael Angelo Museum by Viator. After reading reviews on the long queue to buy tickets entrance in most famous attractions, I decided to purchased the tickets in advance to save time. we don’t have much time to lose; with so many things to do.
I will do a nice write up later about this. Right now I’m a bit sleepy and blurry (2:07am). In few minutes I will go down to have my early Sahur.
Enjoy the teaser here.
Jayne In Florence
Eezaleza On The Phone

We are a bit early for the meeting. Everybody busy doing their own interest.

Can you see the long queue? In front of Dali?

The face of David by Micheal Angelo.

UPDATES : As I remembered.
The museum  ~ The Accademia Gallery is known throughout the world as the Michelangelo Museum because it houses the sculptures of the Slaves group and the  David. The museum also displays a unique collection of gold-background panels and many religious paintings by painters from the 13th century, such as Giotto’s contemporaries, Taddeo Gaddi, Bernado Daddi and the Orcagna family.
Very impressive collections.
Before another museum ~ The Uffizi ~ at 4PM, we decides to have our lunch. After lunch, just walks around the duomo and takes picture.

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