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From Russia With Love…. Finally I fly to you. Much wiser since my last rendezvous  (goodbye to you). I’ve travelled the world to learn ~ I must come (return) to Russia again one day. To Russia with love and anticipation.

I’ve seen places, faces and smiled for a moment, but oh… you’ve haunted me so…. since I’m able to read. But still my tongue tied, can’t say aloud how much I misses you and wanna come to you sooner. My proud heart would not let  my yearning for you show in case you’d say no my money not enough to fly there. Ha Ha Ha.

Finally, on 8th July 2017 I flew to Russia but suddenly there and then I knew you’d care and welcoming.

You’d Care Again. Even the Custom  let me enter Russia as their own… a returning  daughter of the state. I don’t need to queue at the foreigners lane because the Good Hearted Custom Control Officer process my entrance at “Russian Citizen” counter.  That was my first taste of  Russian Hospitality. So I knew ~ My waiting around is through. I fly to you.

To Russia With Love  .

To Russia With Love
The Russian In Me















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