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Happy Belated New Year 2018!

Wow… I hope I’m not too late to convey my greetings! I just wish that all of you; us – had a wonderful year-end of 2017. For me, the year 2017 has it up and down but nothing that can’t be overcome with patience and small wisdom.

That’s life. As a Muslim, my faith keeps me strong that Allah is most merciful and forgivers and Allah knows best. Nothing can defeat you when you have faith in your God.

I believe, the years to come will be more challenging, not only to me or ours lives, but to the whole world itself. We can pretend not to recognize the danger of the day… but its better to be ready then trapped in our own careless attitude.

But above all – I hope 2018 will be nice to us.

With love and care.


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