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I’m a bit lazy to update about my travel story… Some are already forgotten.
But I acquired a new skill – one that very close to my heart. Because I loved being massage by an expert hands. Who know – maybe… Yes maybe I can generate income from my new skill. Offer budget massage services to fellow travellers whois so tired after hiking etc. Lol.
Whatever! Just do it correctly.
I love this back massage. Do this till I fall asleep.



The Best!
Dear …….. Do this to me and I will love you forever ….. Hihihi….


New method for me to train my hands





Ahhh… Getting better n better
The best method to ease shoulders pain


Ahhhhh… I’m dozing off to never never land


Okay bye!
P.S —> learn & practises these method with your partner and you will live happily ever after. Not just …..
Yes! Correct! You get it?


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