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12 June 2013 – Wednesday.

Yesterday was my birthday. Meaning, another year added to my antic old age. I felt nothing. No excitement nor sadness. Maybe a little bit empty but that’s understandable I guess… under my circumstances. Or anybody at all. Age advances is not something to be over rejoice with. Especially if you have not achieved anything at all but being old and cranky.
Did I sound bitter? It shows?

I’m blushing now but hey! give this little old birthday lady a break okay? It’s not everyday one’s celebrating birthday… unless if present is promise if we do. Hehehehehe. I know. I know. I’m talking to deaf ears here.

Another year gone, and this year halfway to ends. After all said and done, I do feel most thankful to Allah for blessing my life and giving me the chances to live  until now. I’m saying my prayer’s and gratitude now because tomorrow is not yet mine.My birthday present this year. Italy and Turkey.
Jayne in Florence Tuscany
Ufizzi Galleria Florence


Jayne Saidin
However, today I learn a few wisdom about life.
Life is not simply living. The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.
Insha Allah if Allah will. I’m learning to be a better me.
From the bottom of my heart : Thank you.

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