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Travel Destination  In The Making

Norway is my next travel destination. My flight ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Heathrow was bought since last year (2016) to grabbed Malaysia Airlines MATTA promotion. MYR2,500 plus seats selected seems like a good bargain right? From Heathrow I will fly directly to Oslo by Norwegian Airlines and it cost me under GBP100 one way. Maybe..if i buy earlier I can get it much cheaper…Actually…. I’m not really (100%) sure if I can make this trip.I almost reschedule my plan but alhamdullilah, by the end of March I managed to get confirmation that it’s okay for me to take a short leave for my incoming birthday (June) treat.

Travel Destination Final Touch

Finally the travel destination updated.

[table id=2 /]

Like always, I indulge myself on my bornday every year,.

Knowing that, next year isn’t promised.

And Norway is one of my dream country to visit. The landscape’s so amazing. But very expensive. And expensive. So, I will feast my eyes with her breathtaking view and let my stomach suffer a bit. Beside – It’s good time to practice fasting before Ramadan. Lol…..and I need to shed some extra kilos….too.


Why I’m posting this?


no travel map
Even Booking.Com Keeps Reminding Me

I’m bored….

Travel Destination Maps On My hands
Oh My World

Pray Harder! I’m bored……..

I already get few offers from from my Oslo and Bergen Couchsurfing fellow (Thank You Very Much) but I don’t think I can stay at their places. Because on this trip I will be doing a lots of leg walk and need to be centralized, nearer to bus or train station to navigate around.

Dig Dag Dig Dag… I really can’t wait for my next travel destination! As of today, everything has been done. According to plan. Only lacking in money… lols…

But… travel I must. That’s the last few things that make me happy.

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