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Is Massage Really As Good As Medicine?

Massage therapy is a practice that’s thousands of years old. There are many different massage techniques. They usually involve rubbing, pressing, and moving muscles with the goal of increasing blood and oxygen flow to the massaged area. While most people know that massages positively affect stress levels, those who get massages regularly also know that it offers much more than that.

Pain Relief

People suffering from pain, especially after surgery, can find great comfort in massage therapy. Those who suffer from chronic pain can also reduce their symptoms by getting a massage. Apart from that, lower back pain and migraine pain are usually treated by massage.

Stronger Immune System

By strengthening your immune system, your body will be more likely to tackle different types of infections. Getting a massage increases the number of lymphocytes (white blood cells), which are tasked with defending the body from disease. On top of that, regular massage sessions can help build protective cells in your body, so that they can neutralize attackers, such as viral infections and cancer.

Improved Sleep

Even if you’re suffering from insomnia, your sleeping habits can greatly improve from massage therapy. However, if you have this condition, know that you’ll still have to eliminate alcohol and caffeine from your life, as well as keep a regular sleep schedule in order to fight it. According to the American Massage Therapy Association, getting a massage can reduce fatigue and improve sleep in people of all ages, including those suffering from various diseases and psychiatric disorders. Massages can increase the presence of delta waves in the brain, which are linked to deep sleep.

Reduced Stress And Anxiety

Many people deal with excessive amount of stress and anxiety on a daily basis. By getting a massage, you’ll temporarily calm your nervous system, reduce stress levels, and prompt the relaxation response in the body, all of which supports better overall mental, emotional, and physical health. Additionally, by reducing your stress levels, massage therapy will help you analyze your issues and worries from a calm perspective, which may help you find solutions to your problems.

Improved Blood Circulation

By participating in massage, you’ll improve the speed at which the necessary amounts of oxygenated blood reach certain parts of your body. Blood circulation has an important role in not only keeping your body health, but also ensuring that your brain works at an optimal level.

Massage is also known to help prevent and manage heart disease, lower blood pressure, treat depression, improve mood and is often used as part of cancer treatment. 

Final Thoughts

So, is massage really as good as medicine? The answer is yes, or more precisely, that is it an alternative form of medicine that is used to complement conventional medical care for a variety of conditions. More and more doctors and hospitals recommend and use massage as a verified and highly effective all natural healing aid for a variety of conditions.

If your goal is simply to stay healthy, generally well and to reduce the risk of suffering from certain diseases and brain disorders, then massage therapy is a wonderful solution. By getting massages regularly, you’ll reduce your stress levels, which is essential to healthy living, seeing as how stress is one of the most common causes of serious health problems today.

On top of that, massage can provide you with pain relief, improve your blood circulation, enhance your mood, reduce the risk of depression, boost your immune system, improve sleep quality, and calm your nervous system.

One of the greatest aspects of massage is that it is an act of self-care, and self-care is at the center of promoting your own health and wellness. Regular massages will promote your wellbeing, which in turn supports your good physical, mental, and emotional health.

There are many different types of massage therapy to choose from, such as Swedish massage therapy, hot stone massage, aromatherapy massage, deep tissue, shiatsu, Thai massage, sports massage, and reflexology.

Getting the occasional massage will provide you with all of the above mentioned health benefits, but know that if you make appointments with your massage therapist more frequently, you’ll increase the effects of these benefits.

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