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Been awhile huh? who said maintaining a site is an easy task? more so when you are on the go. No laptop, no FREE WIFI and time constraint.
However, bloging is my 3rd love. After myself, special people’s and bloging. So I couldn’t absent myself forever from her. My life becomes less meaningful when i didn’t write something. Because writing is food to my soul.
Yes. I am currently in Nuremberg, Germany. I visited Munich. Then off to Austria to mingle with the local people of Salzburg and Vienna. But to my great disappointment, I hardly met any local. Mostly tourists. A touristy country. I made a few friends…from Iran, Tunisia, American etc. Exchanged email addresses (I wonder if they really want to keep in touch). Most of them are friendly and nice to be with. We shouldn’t associate people’s with their country of origin. If we disagree with some country policies, blame those in the corridors of power. They are the one who make your heart beats unusually faster!
Okay. After Austria, I cross-over to Slovakia, a newly declared independent republic of merely 5.3 million population. Sadly too, I don’t have  ample time to explore its countryside which some of my friends told me; very beautiful. More or less, this trip is another eye-opening to me.
And then I went to Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. One word only. Beautiful! Prague wasn’t bad either. The mediaeval’s city that still maintain its originality making her the most visited Europe city.
I will blog these journey soon.  If intereseted, you can visit my special traveling website (BM) for more pictures.
The Neuschwanstein Castles in Bavaria ~ Legacy of King Ludwig 11
Bye for now. I will updates more.

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