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Why Trip Planner Is Important

My Trip Planner is my method to plan my whole trip and the day by day activities during my journey. Usually, the final itinerary will be completed a month before the date of departure so that I have the time to make changes if necessary.

Why planning your journey in advance is important?

  • It’s important to plan your journey in advance and check before you travel, in case of any disruptions to your route.
  • To make sure that all the important things are done i.e hotel booking, transportation (especially tickets that has to be book or  buy in advance).
  • To make sure your getaway a stress free break. You already knew what, when, where, and how.
  • Planning includes finding out about the places you will visit. Most important ~The taboos, The Custom, places to get “halal” Foods (for Muslim)
  • Budgeting. it’s crucial. By planning, you already know how much you have to spend to pay for accommodation, tickets and foods.
  • Saving Money. Because you plan long before departure, you have time to save some money. Booking hotel, buying ticket in advanced also recommended by all travelers “guru” because you can get an early bird prices.
  • Check the weather. Bring suitable clothing. May in Norway is like all in  4 seasons ~ and rains a lots. So you are warned.
My Trip Planner To Norway
Trip Planner ~ Completed A Month Before Departure

Above picture is the snapshot of my itinerary for 10 Days in Norway. I named it after the tour I took from Oslo to Bergen ~ Norway In A Nutshell

In a nutshell, my Norway Travel Planner content all the things I mentioned above ( look, it’s free to read and(but)  took me nights of searching, costing, deciding and – decide).

Things To Plan In Advance

  1. Make sure passport is still valid (7 months before expired)
  2. Double check with immigration – blacklist for PTPTN or else
  3. Your health condition?
  4. Pay your credit card. Notify the card center that you are flying to Norway.
  5. Norway not accepting other currency so better top up your credit card.
  6. Your travel budget. Yes! you heard it right. MONEY.
  7. Buy NOK before entering Norway ~ last chance at the airport.
  8. Make sure all your gadgets especially laptop, camera are put inside your check-in bag. Britain imposed a ban on some electronics into the cabin ~ read it here 

Hotel (Booking.Com Free Cancellation ) – Booked in February 2017

NOTE: This is my Birthday Month Trip which I celebrate every year and pamper myself a bit. 

Comfort Hotel Borsparken Oslo

Best Western Plus Bergen

  • Alesund —> Scandic Parken (4 nights) – 5 minutes to ferry terminal. Superb breakfast spread.

Scandic Parken Alesund

  • London –> Leornard Hotel  (3 nights) ~ Walking distance to Oxford Street

Leonard Hotel London


  • Kota Kinabalu –> Kuala Lumpur  returns (Malaysia Airline) bought in early March 2017 ~ RM600
  • Kuala Lumpur –> Heathrow London returns (Malaysia Airline) bought in  June 2016 ~ RM2500++
  • London –> Oslo (SAS) bought in March2017 GBP100++
  • Alesund –> London (SAS) bought in March 2017 GBP98

Navigation Around Places (Town)

Route Finder ~ http://kringom.no/


  • Norway In A Nutshell (NOK1980 | RM998) Bought in April

Foods Budget : Roughly USD400 (or less…lol). My hotel bookings includes breakfast and I bring fast foods from home.

Places Of Interest  (checked)

  • Oslo
    • Karl Johans Gate
    • The Fram Museum (free with Oslo Pass)
    • The Kon-Tiki Museum (free with Oslo Pass)
    • The Royal Palace (sort-of-free)
    • Giant Pointing Finger Statue in Christiana Torv
    • National Museum (free, even sans Oslo Pass)
    • Walk Around Aker Brygge
    • Munch Museum

    For London I do not need much planning.  My purpose here is only to relax and if “money” permit, buy something nice for myself. Maybe perfumes?

    * If you need my PDF copy of my ITI just write your email in the comment area or contact me.

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