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As a regular traveler, most of the time I travel on tight budget. But ~ Once in a awhile (lifetime), I travel to shop. Wheres I just enjoy being a princess traveler!
Jika harapan tidak tercapai, pasti hati ini gundah gulana. Justeru itu saya turutkan kata hati. Wah… long explanation for justification. Bought something for myself to end 2014.
Benda yang saya suka dan akan guna dengan maksimum.
Kita minum dulu.
Available at Harrods and Selfridges
And if grey were a perfume?
The olfactory signature of the
Couture House’s legendary location, 30, Avenue Montaigne, has become a
reality. The perfumer’s response to couture, this sophisticated chypre
fragrance is a bold interpretation of the Dior Grey. The Couture Grey
featured in the collections since 1947, the Grey Emotion of Christian
Dior’s family home in Granville, Pearl Grey like the facade of the
boutique on Avenue Montaigne.
Colour becomes a perfume: a burst of
citrus, a floral heart of Turkish Rose and Jasmine Sambac from the
Indian region of Tamil Nadu, followed by a woody note heightened with
Indonesian Patchouli set against an ambery backdrop of moss. 
Intended as a new type of chypre (a mossy-woody perfume style), Gris
Montaigne is less like the archetypal earthy and moody Miss Dior and
more like the sheer modern variety (Perles de Lalique or Chloé’s L’Eau de Chloé). 
This new pink chypre isn’t for those who love the somber darkness of
classical mossy fragrances, but I enjoy its combination of austerity and
sparkle. It’s more than just pretty though, and I love its velvety
embrace and the seductive drydown of creamy sandalwood and rosewater,
which lingers for hours. It’s elegant, but it doesn’t take itself too
100++ Pound at Harrods
Lady Caron is a rich and elegant floral perfume, a true treasure for
lovers of white florals. It is a beautifully blended composition with a
nice amount of tuberose which is well supported by rose, jasmine and
neroli. Although it lists some fruits, my nose mostly picks up the
florals – perhaps there is a very very faint trace of peach? The base
notes unobtrusively anchor this perfume and provide a framework for the
beautiful flowers to shine through.
Yeah… my VS parfume, spray and lotion. After shower routines.
  The latest perfumes collection from Victoria Secret. Saja2 beli extra. Stock untuk setahun.
Selfridges Chanel 3rd Floor
Love both but  can afford only one 🙂


My 1st bag for 2015
Matching Purse


 Just can’t help it baby.

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