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Day 3 – 31 May 2015

Get Ready To Be Dazzled – Celebrating 60 Years Of Disney Magic. Diamond Celebration!

My 1st time. No need to be a kid to enjoy Walt Disney world. Soon, you will find out that the kid in you will surface by its own. Suddenly i was engulfed with dejavu – how i lost my childhood – but never my fantasies. Walt Disney is a dream world any childs would cherish, wish for, hope and cling on. Why? Because it is a beautiful world, colorful and give you the feel good vibes.
Until now, i can still hear what Dato Umi sister’s says – this is our last chance to be a kid again.
Indeed it was.


Excited. Today I just wanna enjoy my day. Being a kid again.


Mr Ben and friend.


Inside the coach.



Waiting for our entrance tix.



Hi Hi Hi – kids in old body.


Wait, it can get worser than this!


With selfies sticks!
BTW – anyone notice our identical hats? Bought at Target the first night we went there to buy foods.
Hi Hi Hi both busy with our magic sticks!
We were happy, aren’t we?









Pssssst! Look behind me – I spotted Snow White!



Oh so cute pretty beautiful


Get inspired by the small princess


Kikikiki. I’m officially a 5yrs old kiddo now.
Move aside, I’m new kid on Disney!







Now riding the carrousel



Its A Small World After All


Oh yeah
















The toddlers





More pictures later.

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