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Day 4 – 1st June 2015. Holiday Inn Buena Park North L.A

Guided City Tour – Downtown LA, Hollywood and Walk of Fame.
Located at Southern California and the most populous city in California. An important center of culture, medicine, agriculture, business, finance, energy, aerospace, science, food processing, media, international trade and tourism.
Here are some pictures. Apart from the shopping part, today event not interest me much. We have been to Hollywood with my friend (by ourself) during the Universal Studio tour. We went by taxi and linger there for few hours before joining the group again. My lacks of interest merely because, Hollywood was so over-rated! Nothing much to see. The star just fall from my eyes. What I’ve imagine about the glamz of Hollywood was nothing but illusion. Illusion props up by the media.

I’ve become so dark!



Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
Nahi Nahi Pagal Hai

I notice my skin becoming more and more burned. I put sunblock every time I go out but L.A sun was too strong for my skin type. I get sunburned easily and quickly.





Everybody busy taking picture. Weather was blazing hot,


Oh, okay – almost forget my trademark pic!






 I missed shopping

With Zara and Corina



Its saintific name


Donors Name ~ donate money to complete the building
Everybody with their gadget




Enlarge hihihi sehingga lubang hidung pun nampak


The Spanish Village





Hollywood for you
Souvenirs shop



Hollywood Walk of Fame




Indah khabar dari rupa. All the glitz on tv rupanya wayang semata-mata.


This is no good. Let me show you our previous photos taken when we escapes from the group. Lols.
Fast backward to day 2


You saw no name? Hihihi… me too. Failed attempt on selfie.


Now you see it. The stars name place on the sidewalk so you can step on it?


Yeahhhh Hollywood!


Captain America?
Get tricked by this apek. Thought taking picture with him only cost USD1 but he asked 5! So thats why afterward I only took selfies with the famous characther as my background. Bijak bijak…


And I don’t even know his character!


HRC Hollywood


Busy Playing Tourist

 With Besties



 Owh! Cory blocked my victim view.


Can you guess whose character’s he played?
Now back to present day.


Only Muhammad Ali  placard was placed or put on the wall because he is a Muslim.
After Hollywood Tour, we were taken for free lunch at Indian Restaurant in the city.


Anarkali Restaurant serving briyani.





After lunch, proceed to Citadel Premium Outlet for therapeutic  shopping.


And we shopped.
And packing. Tomorrow morning at 8:30am we have to checkout and travel by bus to Las Vegas. Maybe 6-7 hours drive from LA.
So sleepy. Corina said – just throw everything inside the bag, we repacked again when we reach Vegas!
Hmmmm.. Good idea?
Only God knows.

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