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Day 2 (30 June 2015)

I never been to any Universal Studio before so you can imagine my extravaganza excitement. You can see that through my many selfies pictures. Excuse me …..
Travel Groups
Waiting to depart to USH

Breakfast first


The Globe The Globe ha ha ha. Every visitors squeezed their way to get the best spot to be photograph with the globe. So blame me not.
Surely by now i’ve become my friend worst enemy for asking her to take take take pics of me. Ha ha ha. We take turn okayyyy.
Me again? Hihihi… Please peoples don’t block my view!


At last i resort to selfie again.
Ok just selfying around Universal Studio. Superb! Fantastic! Especialy the Behind The Scene Tour. A must do when you visit Hollywood.


The famous Yellow Cab
The Stars that nobody knew hihihi
Red Carpet to the Oscar!


The biggest HRC  guitar displayed outside its outlet.





To be continue…

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