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Venice Summary 

Afternoon In Venice

Venice Day 1

Venice Kali Pertama

Venice Day 3 – Off To Florence

On our second day in Venice, we already were able to adapt to the environment and how to act as an Italians but does not look like trying too much. Indeed, the city of Venice is unlike any other city I’ve ever visited. The path was filled with narrow lanes and alleys like you are in the world of Alice in Wonderland. If not careful you will easily get lost. However, it is not a problem because in the end, you will be able to find the way back to your hotel. Piazza San Marco is the best bench marks to facilitate your navigation around Venice. Just keep your bearing right. It is the only Piazza in Venice. So, in my humble opinion,  The Rialto Bridge area is the best place to stay in this city.

Piazza San Marco



The Bassilica ~ Under Reconstruction



The Doge Palaces



Early in the morning in Piazza San Marco



The alleys and narrow path lanes.





Let’s us now explore Venice.


The Cafe in front of Piazza San Marco, with live band serenade love songs. Once you sit, you were viable to pays Euro6 per pax for the music! And tax are not included in the bills….hehehehe…so get ready with your extra euro. (Tips: I read somewhere (local journal) saying that do not eat or dine before 8pm in Venice because during that time foods prices are slightly more expansive).


The weather is so unpredictable. End of May supposed to be sunny and warmer but during our visits, the weather was/is crazy (said one local Italiano). It is raining constantly, very cold (like winter) and Venice flooded especially in the afternoon and night.

If you love shopping whilst on the go…. here we are. Let me show you the best of Venice shopping splurge extravaganza. I compared prices here and Milan; Venice prices are lower by euro50 on most designer labels.


Note : Some of the pictures are missing… 

Hmmmm… to enter or not to enter?
Btw… do you notice the Italian guy? that’s how they dress themselves~ always stylo
 Another kaki shopping
My Chanel
My Birthday Present To Myself
But worth every penny. Cheaper than KL and you can get 15% discount on the spot and VAT rebate. Only in Venice. You see? I’m very good at finding a reason to justify my craziness. I just could not help it. Bags are my biggest weaknesses.
One Happy famiy
Don’t forget to claim your VAT.
Venice Change (Vat)
Claiming My VAT
Now time to lunch. Pasta again? We decided to lunch at HRC. It was raining heavily.
    Venice HRC
 Venice Gondola
 Venice Rainy Day
The Senorita
  Beautiful Senorita.

Rain continued.  Go back to our room to rest, pray and change.

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