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We sometimes assume that just because we’ve been to some places a few times, so we we know lots about those places. But each time I re-visited places, I realized that it’s far from truth. The things are, just like human, a place also evolves with time. Change are inevitable.

Amsterdam, one of oldest city in Europe are those places that never be the same each time I visited her. The only thing that remain the same are – her exotic atmosphere ..

No. Not just because the pretty girls behind the window. There’s something about Amsterdam that trigger excitement.

Maybe the  weeds.

Visiting Amsterdam in January was excellent. Less crowds and less expensive because of the low season. And as an independent traveller, I was free to wander around the city, navigating around by its super efficient transportation system without much difficulty. Halal foods also aplenty. I ate at Indonesian Restaurant called Bunga Mawar one time and had a cosy conversation with the elderly owner. At the same street, I saw Malaysian and Thai Restaurant as well.

The highlight of my Amsterdam trip of course visiting Zaanse Schans ~ The Windmills. I love the ambience and the colorful surrounding.

How to go there ? From Amsterdam Central Station – take the Bus 391. It took 1 hours to reach Zaandam and cost me Euro 11.50 for return ticket. If you buy the 24 hrs ticket, it can’t be use for 391 bus because  they were different company.


Exotic Amsterdam



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