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Dubai Info for for Dubai 1st timer. Its very important to learn some info  about the country you gonna visit ~ especially their religion and culture beforehand you fly. It will save you some awkward moments or embarrassment or worst ~ your safety!
* But I can assure you that DUBAI is therefore very SOLO Women Traveller Friendly. Just don’t go to “known” dark places place/area alone.
Day one stories : (Dec 2015) My flight supposed to take off at 15:15 (3:15PM) but delayed for 4 hours due to operational problems. Luckily I managed to contact my airport pick-up transfer to re-schedule pick-up time. Thanks B.K
Still at home ~ Super excited


When delayed announced


Sitting for 4 hours doing nothing leads to doing selfies


Finally boarded at 6PM but only take-off around 7PM
BUT anyway,
It was a dreamt come true. Finally I managed to set foot to one of the most artificial country on earth! Well ~ in a  good way of course.
What nature didn’t gave you ~ you creates!!!
In 1883, H.H. Sheikh Maktoum Bin Butti moved the Bani Yas tribal family to Dubai. Sheikh Moktoum subsequently became the founder of the Al Maktoum family who continue to rule the Emirate to this day.
The current ruler of of Dubai is His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is also the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE. Sheikh Mohammed is committed to fulfilling his father’s dream of making Dubai one of leading cities in the world, and has successfully turned Dubai into global hub of tourism and trade between the East and West.
The official religion of the UAE is Islam and you will find a large number of mosques throughout the city. Non-muslim are only permitted entry into mosques if they are on guided tour.
The estimated population of Dubai is approx. 2.4 million people. Around 80% of those are expatriates who are attracted by the tax-free working conditions and the relaxed, relatively crime free lifestyle.
The UAE is 4 hours ahead GMT during winter months and 3 hours ahead in the summer, during day light saving.
The official language is Arabic, although English is the most commonly used language in all area that incorporate tourism and commerce. Hindi, Farsi and Urdu are also widely used.
Dubai has a tropical desert climate, with summer temperatures reaching the mid to high 40’s and remaining in the 30’s overnight.Winter months are milder and more comfortable, with average temperatures in the mid 20’s, dropping to 12C -14C at night. Between December and March the winter weather can also bring short, irregular rainfall ~ so be prepared!
I stayed for 6 nights at Ramada Downtown Hotel. Room types : 1 bedroom Suite Facing Fountain.
Part of the reason I stayed here is to experience it first hand for future travel business arrangement.
My Rate : 5/5
My Room at Ramada Downtown Dubai
A bit pricey but it served the purpose of my staying there. For info, most hotel in Dubai Downtown are pricey because of it’s posh area. I like the fact that I can walks to Dubai Mall and the Boulevard in approx. 10-15 minutes and safe for walking alone. Their staffs are all very courteous and welcoming.
Enjoy my selfies on the night of arrival. Mind you ~ its 12am!
Dubai Fountain 2015
I’m so teruja (excited). Then I go to bed. Same as now.
Good night. Wait for my next entry.
* Teaser
My obsession with Burj

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