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Personal Message To My Readers.

Personal message? What the ..? Well….. I wonder if I had any, BUT Just in case someone is wondering why I’m not updating my blog posting recently; dear…. I had been busy with some  project and at the same time planning my next trip to Jakarta and Bandung.  Our “Family Trip”. Some kind of a tradition, an unwritten agreement  that at least once a year we must make a trip together to some places. And this year, because of personal limitation (aka financial limitation) we can only afford to go to our neighboring country.

Besides I Love Indonesia.

The people. The Foods. The Foods. The Foods!

I don’t mind flying to Indonesia every month.

Especially Bali.

Bali Reviisted
Been To Bali More Than 10 Times

My New Project

Seriously, after some hard thinking, I decide to learn  “Content Writing” skills. Since I love writing rubbish, why not take it seriously ~  monetize my hobbies and live happily ever after! LOL hahahaha.

Before I exploded.

But sadly  I found out the truth. Writing is easy but to write a good contents isn’t. Along the way, I develop a  love-hate relationship with SEO. I can’t find the right word to satisfy his readability…. And to describe his meta? Repeat and repeat. And he needs image!

And how can I be the  authority to my NICHE? Targeting? Segmenting? Creating funnels? So much things to do. I’m vulnerable. Please help me! Very frustrating. All I needs is some love and support. An understanding.

I will share with you my journey to achieve my dreams.

But meanwhile, lets travel more. That’s the only thing that I knows best!

Where To Next

In two days we will fly to Jakarta. Then satisfy our lust for shopping in Bandung.

Personal Updates From My Blog

So, see you next time…..

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