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Places I wants to visit soon? Just to scratch my itching feet.

Well… dreaming is free and if you wish harder, it might come true. In movies it does!

Actually, I was thinking about Sweden and Denmark in Northern Europe but as I studies the routes, it’s not doable in a short time. My usual 2 weeks time off are not enough to enjoy both.

Another alternative crossed my mind. Yes!

The Balkans?

Maybe I can land in Frankfrut, then travel by road to Crotia via Stuttgart —> Munich —-> Austria (Halstatt) —> Slovenia (Zagreb) —> Crotia —> Bosnia and Herzegovina —> Montenegro —> Albania —> Serbia (Maybe if VOA).

But I haven’t think about the routes back. LOL. Is it doable? look good on the map but in reality it might not that easy.


Amsterdam —> Bremen —> Hamburg —> Copenhagen —> Gothenburg —> Stockholm

Wow…. I will sleep on these few destinations.  Good night!

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