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Day 7~ Friday, 5th June 2015

Sad day for Sabahan.
Received SMS about the tragedy in Mount Kinabalu. Shocked, frightened and sad.
No immediate family affected but the tremor can be feel even in Kota Kinabalu sending peoples ran out from their home especially those staying in flats / condos. As of today, the earthquakes claimed 18 lives and many injured. #Pray4Sabah becomes viral.
Ok. Back to our main story. Leader group Siti Zaharah from Poto Travel instructed us to put all our bags outside our room door by 07:30am to be collected by hotel concierge and send to our bus. By 8am we shall leaves to Fresno and made last round of shopping at Primm Valley Outlet, a 2-3 hours drive from Las Vegas. We passes this Outlet before when we came from LA to LV.
Good bye Las Vegas. I really enjoyed being here not because of the Casino for I’m not a gambler but its hospitality and beauty, especially at night. Maybe one day…… You knew what i meant!
My sunnies bought here in Las Vegas. At least i take something from you? Hmmm… Shopping designer brand in US not as exciting as in Europe though. Here you as tourist cannot claim VAT, instead when you buy things, tax will be added to the prices up to 7 – 8 %. For example taxes in LA and LV are different.
By the way, i just love my new arrival sunnies from Chanel. Cost me USD1400. What? Of course its expensive but I love it. I love collecting sunnies! During my last trip in April, i bought two : Rayban and Prada. Luckily not as expensive as Ms. Chanel. Hi hi. Hi.
Ok ok! I will work hard for the money again. June is my bornday month so i will pampered myself to the fullest. I said – i deserved every cent I splurged on myself!
Primm Valley Outlet. We were among the first to arrived at its door at 09:55am
By 1pm, as instructed, all of us gathered inside the bus to continued our journey to  Fresno and will pass Barstow Station again. Another 5 hours drive. So just sit back, relax and try to enjoy the rides. Its a long long roads indeed!
Sometimes  you can see nothing on the road but the desert.
No trees. The road is yours completely.
Its kinda lonely here. Everybody was asleep by this time. I purposely sit in front because i wanted to take picture of this famous road. To me its beautiful and picturesque.
… Tbc
I’m uploading this from my iPhone. Takes sometimes to load, mostly failed!

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