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Welcome To Land Below The Wind (Kota Kinabalu Sabah) my dear friend. My first guest from Couchsurfing community. Sorry I’m not able to host you in my home but it’s a great opportunities meeting you up in person and share some great stories ~ we really covered a wide range of topics don’t we?

To know Sabah Is To Love Sabah. It just take 1 minute of your precious time to watch this video to give you a brief glimpse of my state. 
I hope, for the short time you’ve been here, it will be forever engraved in your mind and memories. We, Sabahan are very welcoming and broad minded people. Spread the news to your fellow traveller, and visit Sabah….. Lols.
Now ~ introducing The Orang Putih (White Man) hahahaha. You learned a new language today Josef!
Josef Kulhanek From Prague


I just drove there to show him some greenery

See you again tomorrow. Hope you find ways to meets “Orang Utan”.
P.S ~ to be updated.


Yes. As promised. Josef and I meet up again for dinner. During the day time, he goes to see the “Orang Utan” at Shangrilla Sanctuary by himself. Bravo! No visit to Sabah will be completed without saying Hello to that animal…. lols….

I fetched him up at Mandarin Hotel around 7:30PM (ehem… I know… I promised him I will be there at 7:15PM but as usual, traffic condition can be a nuisance). Sorry bro!

I decided to take him for dinner at one of the well known Seafood Restaurant in Kota Kinabalu : 

Salut Seafood Restaurant.

I hoped, he like the foods.

The Host

Weird look from Josef! Ha  Ha Ha… What he was thinking?

Josef : “OMG what she’s forcing me to eat?”

Steamed Prawn

Kelapa Pandan

Soft Shell Crab

Butter Prawn, Fried Rice, Clams, Steamed Fish, Claypot Mixed Vege with sea cucumber

Wow…. you’re becoming a PRO with chopsticks!

After dinner, I took him to Sutera Harbour Resort just to have a look at Magellan Sutera. One of the largest Golf and Resort Club in the city area.

Then I send him back to the hotel.

Goodbye Josef. Nice knowing you. I enjoyed listening to your stories about your experiance with Couchsurfing  and couchsurfers!

A very humble guy and a joy to be with. Enjoy your extended holiday in Palawan. Be safe!

Till then.

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